Abhivyakti was among the first few dramatics societies of Delhi University. Founded at the time when women's liberation was a cause of concern, the society performed its very first play on Dowry Issues. From then on there has been no looking back.
This society brings to you a platform to indulge into theatrical activities, both Stage and Street.

The team uses the art of expression with unmatched enthusiasm to help address the maladies of the society and to form an impetus for the change we wish to see in the world. We bring you awareness in the form of a power-packed combo of eye-opening plays and exuberant performers.

While Stage gets toyour sentimentality with its beautiful subtlety, Street (or Nukkad) literally gives you a chance to shout your concerns out loud.


Afroza-THE BURNING FIRE has been known for inculcating some best dancers in the college. The two most important pre-requisites for any Afroza member are unparalleled passion for dance and a strong commitment towards the team. Yes, the team is a serious business for its core members. But don't get me wrong!! The team members are focussed when it comes to dancing but they have their moments of fun too. The existing warmth and care that the members have for each other has helped the team to reach the acme of success.
By the guidance and the rigorous training by our choreographers, Ms. Jaiti Khera and Mr. Rajat Bakshi, the team again made it this year by winning laurels for the college. It is because of the hard work of the choreographers that Afroza has managed to keep up its position of being one of the top teams of the Delhi University.
So watch out people. Afroza is coming again, to BURN it all !!


Alaap, the Indian music society of the college is actively involved in learning Indian classical music and in encouraging maximum exposure for each of its members through active participation in competitions and events. During earlier this year, we conducted auditions to encourage freshers to join the team and so gave them the opportunity to showcase their talent. Every year, we look forward to learning a new composition in Hindustani classical music and hold regular practice sessions so that we perform well in various competitions and events that we go to. Last year, we won a lot of appreciation for the performances that we gave in various college events and competitions. This year too, we look forward to a victorious and a successful year ahead.


The English Debating Society achieved a fair amount of success in the first half of this academic year. We started on a promising note, with an orientation, followed by a rigorous selection process resulting in the addition of an enthusiastic bunch of fresher's to our debating family. Several workshops and mock debate sessions followed, which were taken up by eminent debaters from the University circuit as well as by our society seniors, and through those, we sought to impart training in various forms of debating to further hone our skills.

The year began with numerous debating events for freshers all over the University. Our students demonstrated remarkable performances in every competition, and made us extremely proud by winning several accolades. On 13th October 2012, we hosted our very own Fresher's Conventional Debate, in collaboration with The Hindi Debating Society. It witnessed an overwhelming participation from colleges across the University and was a huge success, with our members securing top honours at home too.

Our most awaited event, The Annual Debating Festival, VIVAAD, in which we continued with our newly adopted parliamentary debating format was spanned over three days, 19th to 21st January 2013, and saw participation from colleges all over India. Our dedication and hard work paid off handsomely with both the events being immensely successful. As the debating season begins, we look forward to participating in all major tournaments and shall strive to keep the college's flag flying high!


Discussion forum was an initiative started by IP college.
This Forum aims at generating discussions within college commutity on issues whether political or social.By inviting scholars from diff fields,the forum provides a space to share their views and then for students to present their opinion. The forum sometimes uses visual medium like documentary movies and power point presentation to raise question about issues that matter. In its inaugural year , the forum has invited Aruna Roy(indian socialist and political activist), Nandini sundar (professor of sociology), Sumangala damodaran( IPTA's singer) and as well as groups like Perspectives.Presently, our teacher advisor is Ankita Pandey and student c0-ordinator Rinni Prasad volunteered by Divya mehrotra and Suruchi Barua


The Eco-club of College along with its members works on environment related issues and activities. The club is in action updates students about various steps and measures that can be taken for the betterment of environment. Time to time society organizes different events, tree plantation drives, protest against pollution and marches for various environment related issues. The annual fest PRAKRITI of the society is organized every year in February where workshops on recycling paper, waste management and segregation, etc are included along with different competitive events such as slogan writing,essay writing,etc. This year we also plan to organize trips to different sanctuaries and parks so that students can enjoy while at the same time they can gain knowledge too. We also invite different environmentalists to our college for giving lectures and sharing their views on various environmental issues.


The English Editorial Society is one of the most prominent of the societies of Indraprastha College for Women. The society gives an opportunity to budding writers and poets to express their thoughts and encompasses a spacious arena wherein the freedom of speech and its expression through writing is most welcomed and encouraged.
The society keeps organising workshops and writing competitions encouraging students to participate actively. The society has its chief task of taking out the annual college magazine "Aaroh" alongwith the hindi editorial society. The society also organises interesting events during the college annual fest "Shruti".


Quiz society write up: The Quiz Club was founded this very year in September. We started with 10 members and our strength has been increasing ever since. In its nascent stages now, the Quiz Club aims to reach high standards and create a niche for itself. Members have been participating in various quizzes in SRCC, Miranda House etc. The Quiz Club also had the privilege to host a quiz organized by the Italian Embassy.


We at the fine arts society paint our world out- be it on paper, canvas or any other medium. We just need an excuse to get armed with our set of paints and brushes! From decorating the college for various events like the college freshers, the annual college festival-Shruti, making Rangolis, doing graffiti on the college campus walls, the arts society is a place where one can come and wear their colours on their sleeve. Also, the fine arts society is not only caged in the four walls of the college campus. This year we had participated in the annual cultural festivals organized by IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay where we bagged the third prize. Having workshops like that of calligraphy, paper quilling, etc are day-to-day things we keep coming up with in this society.



Simulacra, the Film and Photography society, IP College for women, is a forum for students who are enthusiastic about cinema and photography. The society works towards making students look beyond mainstream cinema and to appreciate other forms of independent or parallel productions. It provides us with a platform to come together and participate actively in various film-related work.
We screen films (monthly and/or weekly screenings) from different genres, both Indian and foreign, planned according to a particular theme. In the last year, we had Alfred Hitchcock, Jafar Panahi and Tim Burton Retrospectives, and screenings around themes of Sci-fi, Horror, Education, Animation, the constructed Indian Nation, etc.
We also make sure the student members get a proper opportunity to learn about photography and explore its various dynamics. For this purpose, we have photowalks, which are held once or twice a month. Recently, we had photowalks to Chandni Chowk, Hauz Khas Village and the Delhi University Flower Show.
Sometimes, we organise events in collaboration with other societies. Last year, we joined forces with the Women's Development Centre to discuss "Gender in Public Spaces". A workshop was conducted by Jagori and students went to several places in Delhi to photograph "gendered (in)visibilities and public bodies".
Also, the society aims to help the members carve a niche for themselves by the means of photography workshops conducted by prominent and professional photographers.
The society's annual seminar takes place in January where experts from the field of cinema are invited to talk to the students. This is usually preceded by a week of film screenings and photography competitions. In 2011, the theme was "Censorship and Cinema" and in 2012, "Imag(in)ing India in Bollywood".
The society also holds a photography exhibition and other competitions during the college annual fest, Shruti, and some of the best, young photographers from diverse colleges in Delhi participate in it.
Simulacra, in fact, is about discovering the magic of images.


GANDHI STUDY CIRCLE "You must be the change, You wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi The Gandhi Study Circle Society of IP College for Women, was formed with an aim to enlighten the students of the rich legacy and the contributions by our Father of Nation. The society is open to all the students of the college who are intrested in history and want to know more about Bapu who was a preacher of non violence, truth and ahimsa. Every year the society organises various events like talks and discussion by guest lecturers, competitons like quiz, poster making etc This year the society celebrated Gandhi Jayanti by organising a painting and poem competition and a 2 days function which included talk by Dr Oberoi and a movie screening in collabration with Gandhi Ashram. Followed next day by a function to celebrate the birthday of Gandhiji. Martyr's day would be celebrated with equal sincerity, ethusiasm and effort. We hope that the people recognise the importance of the society and participate in large numbers.



The contemporary dance society has been active for a few years now. Contemporary dance is a form of art where dancers strive to connects the mind and body through fluid dance movements allowing the them to freely express their innermost feelings. Society like Laashya, help us to explore the immense talent within ourselves and instill within us profound confidence.

With the support of the college, Laashya has made a stand for itself in the Delhi University. We want to continue its legacy by performing at various places and events and attain success in making our college achieve huge fame and name.


MRIDANG, Classical dance society of I.P.COLLEGE FOR WOMEN was formed last year. This society seeks to promote the rich cultural heritage of India by providing a platform for students to showcase their talents in various Classical Dance Forms.Students are also trained and encouraged to learn the diverse folk dances of India.
Each year we plan to learn a new folk dance and paarticipate in various inter college competitions.We also plan to host a folk dance competition during SHRUTI-our annual college fest.
Our strength is our unity and our determination which will definitely pave our way to success.

N.C.C. RECORD 2012-13

N-National, C-Cadet, C-Corps

NCC Motto- Unity & Discipline

The National Cadets Corps of Indraprastha College continued its tradition of excellence in 2012-13.
The present enrolment 160 cadets.
Shalini Singh (SUO) Attended Tracking camp at Darjling.
Mukti Sharma(JUO) Attended special NIC camp at Jammu & Kashmir.
NCC cadets also presented the Guard of Honor on Sports Day

* Delhi university & Gyanodaya educational trip. Special train journey from July 8th 2012 to July 19th 2012, 30 students and 2 teachers going on the trip
* Cat-C camp- 23rd July to 1st August, 8 cadets going to this trip.
* NCC represents in DU. Chief Guest-VC (Dr. Dinseh)
* Darjling Camp- 24th Sep to 3rd oct- 11 cadets going to this trip.
* Tirupati camp (Hyderabad) - 4thoct to 13th Oct- 5 cadets going to this trip.
* Jharkhand & Bihar- 4th Oct to 15th Oct-6 cadets going to this trip.
* TSC camp in Delhi-1 cadet join this camp.
* Drug Rally- 23rd Nov.12- 18 cadets going to this camp.
* Polio Drop camp- 3rd Nov. to 5th Nov.- 20 cadets going to this camp.
* University of Delhi - Gyanodaya-II. Special train journey from Spt. 29thy to Oct 5th 2012- 25 cadets and 2 teachers going to this trip.

College level Function-

(1) Fresher Welcome- 22nd September- Venue- Auditorium
(2)Writing Competition- 22nd September- Venue- Auditorium
(3) Movie Screening-10th Nov-2012 in Seminar Room


"In everyone's life , at sometime , our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being . We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." - Albert Schweizwer

With this guiding force the Women Development Cell aims at spreading awareness primarily on issues related to women and most importantly confidence building among them.

The agenda is as follows:

Gender sensitization
Issues like child sexual abuse
Women assualt/molestation
Gender bias

Apart from this we basically aim at providing a platform to the members to express themselves eloquently.

Call us 'feminists'...but then who decides what 'feminism' is? We all love being a woman and hence like being called feminists.


SPIC MACAY is the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth.
The "big bang" of SPIC MACAY came in 1972 at a concert of ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar and ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar in New York.
SPIC MACAY is an affirmation of a priceless cultural heritage. SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country through a focus on the classical arts.
Among the events organized under SPIC MACAY, the most iconic event is the VIRAASAT.
VIRAASAT is a week- long festival comprising performances and workshops in folk classical arts, literature talks, theatre held in different educational institutions.
Indraprastha College for women has been one of the most important chapters of SPIC MACAY as it has wholeheartedly done its bit in reviving this rich Indian culture by being hosts to many performances by renowned classical artists and it seeks to do more.
So this year the SPIC MACAY society of Indraprastha College for women, with the help of the core SPIC MACAY team, will be organizing a week-long VIRAASAT in January comprising of splendid performances by, kathakali dancers, daastanigoi, tejanbai, to name a few.
Through this society we will try to restore the meaning and essence of these extincting art forms in the hearts of every student of our college in every way possible.


From times in memorial Indraprastha College for women has been associated with sports. College has been excelling in sports. College has all kinds of sports facilities starting from a well equiped fitness centre to synthetic courts for basketball, tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis. We have a field that caters to the college teams of football, netball, softball, baseball, archery, atheltics, volleyball. Indraprastha college for women is the only women college that has a swimming pool. College also has facilities for shooting, judo, wrestling and chess. Indraprastha College has all the facilities and there is a healthy sports culture in college.


The North East Society of I.P. College for Women was formed with an aim of promoting the cultures of the north east and to provide the people of the north east in the college a forum to come together and express themselves, their talents, hopes and grievances.
The North East Society is not open only for the students of the north east but also for any student of the college who wishes to join.
The society allows all in it an opportunity to explore themselves and to give all a feeling of home away from home.
This year the President and the General Secretary along with their teacher advisor have planned on a few events which include the society fest- 'Euphony'. A day full of fun and games. Panel discussions, movie screenings, a picnic, Delhi tour etc for all the members of the society.
We hope that people recognize the importance and essence of the society and participate in it enthusiastically. We look forward to everyone's participation.


The NSS Unit of Indraprastha College for Women has been tirelessly working for years with enthusiastic volunteers from the student body to work towards social change. The primary day to day activities of the unit include reading and writing for visually challenged students enrolled in our college as well as for those from other colleges and universities. NSS organises various programs and camps throughout the year which are aimed at fostering a spirit of social service among the students. It also ties up with various NGOs working in different areas in Delhi for various causes to provide volunteers with a platform to engage in the service sector that exists outside the college


Crotchet' was formed as an independent Western Music Society in 2009. Since then it has actively competed at several inter-college competitions in NCR. The Society specialises in Group Acapella, and Solo and Duet Vocals, and has won in each category in colleges such as Lady Shri Ram College, Kamala Nehru College, St. Stephens College and IIT Delhi over the past 3 years.


The Hindi Debating Society started on a promising note, with an orientation, followed by a rigorous selection process resulting in the addition of an enthusiastic bunch of freshers to our debating family. Several workshops and mock debate sessions followed, which were taken up by eminent debaters from the University circuit as well as by our society seniors, and through those, we sought to impart training in various forms of debating to further hone our skills.

The year began with numerous debating events for freshers all over the University. Our students demonstrated remarkable performances in every competition, and made us extremely proud by winning several accolades. The main motive behind the society is to bring out the importance and relevance of our mother tongue in our lives.


Hindi editorial society is an organisation which is connected to the college, it plays an important role in college magazine 'Aaroh'.Hindi editorial society has organised different type competitions as follows:
Firstly on 22nd September ,An orientation program and self written poem competition was held. Then later, on 20th October essay competitions was also organised on the topic "corruption in politics". And on 3rd November , Story writing competition also held on the subject " Man ke haare haar,man ke jeete jeet" & "karat karat abhays.........".
This society is very much concerned for the continuous improvement of the writing skills of the Students. The society also conducted Girija Kumar Mathur Hindi Poem Competition.


With the increasing cases of sexual harrasment it is very important to know how we can deal with such situations .we should be aware about our rights to keep ourselves safe.
In response to the increasing sexual harrasment cases ,Delhi university has initiated COLLEGE COMPLAINT COMMITTEE .It consist of teachers ,representatives from all the 3 years and non teaching staff. It is A committee that deals with sexual harrasment cases and take every possible action while keeping the identity of the victum confidential .


With great pride and pleasure we would like to inform all the IP-ites that after several brainstorming sessions, the canteen committee has endeavored to present our college canteen with an absolutely new avatar.
Now onwards, our canteen beginning with a totally new flooring will cater to the students a new set of menu with rates affordable and on par with other colleges of repute. Varieties of soup, vegetable Maggie, cheese Maggie, paranthas and most interesting of all a thali system which would be nutritious, healthy and wholesome would be available and of course our famous samosas and gulab jamun would still be there.
Provision for a new set of tables and chairs have been made with special attention towards hygiene and cleanliness. So "eat healthy and stay healthy"!!! We would like to thank Ms. Valsala Kuriakose, Ms. Renu Chaudhary, Ms. Udaya Yogi, Ms. Suman Arora and Mr. Vijay Gautam